To you, Yoram, for sharing with me your most treasured memories.
  Thank you Mado; Madeleine Morgenstern Truffaut.Your perception of the beauty of
         Yael's letters encouraged me to  persevere, and let her speak through her writings.
  Thanks, Tirza Eizenberg, for guiding me for four years without asking anything in return.
  Providence has guided me to you, Brigitte Kashtan; thanks for your guidance and counseling.
  My appreciations to Yoni and Daniel Eliash from "Studio Eliash" for the lovely internet site.
  And to the archive of the Israeli Broadcasting Authority, for providing us a copy of Meni Peer's Channel One interview.
  Last but not least, I thank my family, particularly my boys, Yoni and  Boaz, who have been my best critics.