The Second Surprise
Two months after her open heart surgery, my friend still had a high temperature, and the incision had not healed yet.
Her doctors  told her  that that was a well known syndrome, and that she would have to learn to live with it.
Her caravan was located in a shady, serene little pine forest which is rare site in warm Mediterranean Israel. As I came in, the breeze carried in the the fragrance of the wild cyclamen that grew by her doorstep.

After we've had some breakfast, we sat and talked until she placed her hands on her chest. "Does it hurt?" I asked her, and she nodded.
"Look, why don't you have a rest, and I will place my hands there?" I asked.
"All right", she agreed.
I stood up and went behind her, but instead of putting my hands right where it hurt,
I just kept them some 20 centimeters above her.

I shut my eyes, and as I did that, I felt a flutter of feather- light fingers picking up both my palms and moving them around.
The feather light hands rotated mine over my friend's chest, then took them parallel to her arms, over the shoulders, above her head, then to her back, where they circled over the heart.
I was stunned. Two or three months earlier I had felt Yael's energy twisting the pen between my fingers. This was the same sensation: Someone other then I was using my body.

15 minutes later my hands were released and sunk down, as if to say "Enough for now", I went back to my chair in complete silence.

My friend's eyes were shut, but she moved her head in small peculiar movements, as if trying to find its right position.
"Now go wash your hands!" she pointed to the bathroom, still keeping her eyes shut.
"But why, I am not dirty", I answered in bewilderment.
"Because you have just given me a healing, no GO!"

I did as she instructed, and came back to my seat. I was dumbstruck.

"you did not touch me, but I felt exactly where your hands were." Her eyes, which were already open, glistened and looked as if she has had a good sleep, " When you left the wound's area, I felt a sharp pain, but it was over in a sec... it was ... amazing".
We smiled to each other; I still did not tell her about the feather light hands.
We talked about other things , and then I left.

Two days afterwards she called and said she was feeling fine, and that her temperature had not risen. When it did a few days later, I came again and repeated what I had done before.

Her body temperature remained normal from then on, and the wound healed.
Three or four weeks after that  she resumed her job as a hospital nurse.

I called Dr. Norman Waters, an MD and a renouned healer. I told him what had happened. "What is it, Norman?" I asked.
"Don't you know, my dear?" he chuckled, "You have become a healer", and then as a matter of fact he added, "use it".

So I do.


Each healing is a unique experience that carries different sensations and perceptions.

The conciousness goes to a different plane, and by doing so, it allows the angels to attend to both spiritual and physical body.

Some people feel strange occurrences during the process, waves, or energy balls. Some see color flashes or visions.

Healing may sometime require some work from the person who accepts it. The physical body identifies the affected area, or it might reconstruct a past trauma, and then sets the immune system in motion. Toxins are released into the blood stream, so some people may feel worse the following day.

The treatment itself takes about 20 minutes. But because one gets such powerful, refined energies that needs to be assimilated, it is advised to rest for another 15-20 minutes. This also allows a partition between the intensive, and the everyday vibrations.

I call it "The healing of the blue light".