My daughter's
before and after her death experiences
The whole country raged because of Yael's shooting. Television and newspapers covered our fight for her life. My request to send us alternative healers, produced a line of such people, who waited patiently in a queue to treat her.
At one o’clock in the morning. I went down to take my shift from Yael's best friend Tirtsa, who told me, that a young woman had appeared in the evening, somewhat eccentric in her looks and speech. She said she was a medium.
The medium said she had felt the resonance of Yael's intellect from a distance, sending waves of genius that tapped on her conscience. Therefore she felt obliged to help. Tirtsa showed her to Yael's room. There the medium worked with my daughter for an hour and a half. Suddenly she shot out of the ward, grabbed Tirtsa by the hand, and mumbled, “That’s terrible, terrible. She does not want to talk to me! She despises me! She despises me!”. Then she asked, “Is the family poor?”
 “No… why?”
 “I tried to contact her all this time, but could not. She would not talk to me! Suddenly, I felt she despises me, and I heard a cry: ‘Don’t you see I have to die?’ ... that’s why I asked whether the family is poor. How on earth could anyone benefit from death?”
I had no idea what the medium was talking about. "But maybe", I thought, "Yael does not want to become a burden, or maybe that is some kind of a national message that Yael needs to bring up?"  Yael had been shot right when 'Oslo agreement' was about to materialize. Peace was really around the corner, nearly tangible.
However, the dislike correlated perfectly with Yael's normal responses, and I was excited "This IS Yael!" I thought, "Supernatural really does not agree with her".
But I was grateful to the medium, because she gave us her impression square and fair, although what she had received did not exactly complimented her. There was something very real about her.
My blood was racing in my veins,"Yael is still here!"
The true nature of her help didn't really sink in at that time. Not only the message itself, but the fact that it has arrived through a total stranger who managed to grasp and bring forward a major component of Yael's character, that is: Rationalism. After all, Yael was a lawyer.
Yael communicated in many ways during those terrible days at the hospital, and much to my surprise during the following days, weeks and years to come. One of the most striking incidents was the following:
When we realized that there was really nothing more we could do, I sat down with Yael  and sang her her old lullabies. At the end I told her: "You have nothing more to do here, Yaeli, fly away… fly to the blue light".  
One day during the "Shive'a" (the seven days of mourning)   a colleague of Yael who worked with her at the Central Region Attorney’s Office came in. That lady said she had had a dream in which they were holding a meeting, and Yael came in and joined them. “What, Yael, have you come back to us?” asked the friend.
“No", Yael answered, “I came to tell you I am happy where I am, that I am watching my boyfriend and family, and that I have passed into the blue light”.
I was shocked by the depth of the message, and could not talk. A month later I went to the Central Region Attorney’s office in Tel Aviv and explained the meaning of that blue light.
"But the light a dying person sees, is not blue at all; it is bright white light!",argued  an expert during one of the television interviews I was invited to.
"That enhances the greatness and the beauty of it" I answered, "The Blue Light was our own code. She actually came to tell me: 'You see, I've heard you!".
As a rationalist, she sent that message through a total stranger who had no idea of its real meaning, so that there wouldn't be any doubt or ambiguity.
In her book Yael demonstrates that life and death are on a same path. Consciousness never ends; it only changes frequencies and carries on to infinity.
Find more of Yael's wisdom in her book "My Life Is Based On A True Story".