"My Life Is Based On a True Story" is a beautiful, thrilling, truthful document that tells the story of Yael; her death and her amazing return. This is where the supernatural is an obvious continuation of the natural, or maybe the other way round.

"Not many bereaved parents can write as sincerely, sensitively and swiftly as Nomi Meivar Morgenstern.
This book is indeed excellently written, but what makes it unique is the fact that the protagonist it commemorates clearly manifests her contentment: This is an explosion of emotion. Nothing similar has yet been written".
Haaretz book review magazine
"My Life Is Based On a True Story" is a multi-genre work. Interspersed among the mother telling of her daughter and their supernatural communication, are writing from Yael.
For her fashion designer mother this book is a work of art, pieces of original and found texts sewn together to illustrate the fabric of life in Israel.
Through all those documents collected by her mother after her death, the reader meets Yael; a funny, assertive, intelligent, sensitive and patriotic young woman".
The Jerusalem Post

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