My Life Is Based On a True Story
Yael Meivar &
Nomi Meivar Morgenstern

Welcome  to  the  realm  where  death  does  not  rule.

This book, the way it came to be and its content, are an unequivocal proof that there is life after death.

The story of Yael Meivar and her mother, Nomi Meivar Morgenstern, takes place in Israel, after Yael had been shot by terrorists.
The family and doctors fought for five days for Yael's life until she was disconnected from the resuscitation machines.

Nine months later, when everything was still vibrating with pain, a magical hatch has opened. The pen that Nomi held started to dance vigorously in her hand. It had then rotated independently, creating a huge dot, and relaxed into a composed automatic writing. "I came to tell you that I'm looking after the family", Yael's soul conveyed.

This automatic writing was the beginning - or a continuation, of mother - daughter communication over the barricade that death has created.
The product of this automatic writing is a book, which Yael called "My Life Is Based On a True Story".

During this process, Yael's soul brought information that no one - including not her own mother, who was channeling her, knew. As time went by, the channeling proved to be amazingly correct.
In order to convince her doubtful mother, she has also sent messages through complete strangers who were totally unaware of their mission.

Just like the phoenix itself, Yael's soul proves over again that she sees, hears, and reacts from where she is. "My Life Is Based On a True Story" is a beautiful, thrilling, trutful document. It tells the story of Yael's life, her death and her amazing return.
This is where supernatural is an obvious continuation of the natural, or maybe the other way round.

A second surprise followed the first one, as Nomi became not just a medium for her daughter, but also a channel through which powerful, refined healing energies are being passed from a marvelous superme source.

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